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Performance tests

Thermal conductivity of 0.001 W/m2C and other thermophysical and physical characteristics have been confirmed by dozens of laboratory reports of competent accredited laboratories including Russian Railways, Gazprom, Mosstroy and so on.

Certificates and Patents

Register of Shipping, River Register, Mosstroy Certification, Gazpromcert, Tekcert, Gazpromenergoexpert, certification by foreign bodies, admission, permits, certificates, patents

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VIRC Bronya Company Group has a wide experience in application of low-conductivity coats in various fields, such as construction, production, municipal services, heat power industry, oil and gas field, mining companies.

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Volgograd Innovation Resource Center (VIRC) offers a product developed by Russian scientists - a liquid ceramic insulation material "Bronya" which thermophysical properties excel all known equivalents.

In-house production, high quality raw materials imported from leading chemical companies and best sales volume let us offer unprecedented in Russia price and exclusive modifications of extra-fine thermal insulating materials. This is even with most stable factors which fully satisfy claimed specifications. It allows us to offer unprecedented in Russia price and exclusive modifications of extra-fine insulating materials. This is even with most stable factors which fully satisfy claimed specifications.

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  • Co-founder of the VIRC Bronya Company Group Anton Olegovich Tabakov about thermal insulation and business in Russia.
    RBK TV channel
    Bronya advantages

    VIRC Bronya Company Group produces and sells unique in the world paints - liquid ceramic thermal insulating materials (LCTIM) of various modifications successfully competing with global and homeland brands.  
    Liquid thermal insulation Bronya differs from its many equivalents by up-to-date production facilities owned by the company, innovative solutions and various modifications of the Bronya thermal insulating coatings. Its all claimed physical and thermophysical characteristics are confirmed by multiple tests and impressive set of certificates, permits and unequaled team of technical and marketing specialists.

    Certifications and tests
    VIRC Bronya Company Group fulfills its obligations and assigns tasks in a very responsible manner. The company's primary task after production of high-quality products with no equivalents existing with respect to their properties is to provide dealers and their clients with documentation confirming claimed specifications as well as admission documents.
    Thermal conductivity of one-thousandth and other thermophysical and physical properties are confirmed by dozens of laboratory reports issued by accredited laboratories including Russian Railways, GOST 7076-99 certification, ASTM, Register of Shipping, River Register, Mosstroy certification, Gazprom certification, Tekcert, Gazpromenergoexpert, foreign certification, permits, admissions, patents and others.

    Extra-fine thermal insulation Bronya has certificates and permits of various levels which prove that the product conforms with quality standards in a wide range of national economy fields and ensures that the Bronya company and its business representatives (dealers) have advantages in tenders or any other competition campaigns.

    Statements, Testimonials, Reports
    VIRC Bronya Company Group's specialists supervised, tracked and performed deliveries to more than a thousand facilities. We have a rich experience in application of liquid ceramic thermal insulating coats in various fields including construction, municipal service and heat power engineering. Hundreds of oil and gas, construction and production companies, as well as large-scale mining enterprises could duly appreciate level and professionalism of our specialists (which is reflected in dozens of Statements, Testimonials and Thank-you Letters referring to the liquid thermal insulator Bronya) and also knowledge and experience that we willingly share today with our partners and clients.

    Differences in modifications
    Extra-fine thermal insulation Bronya is produced by VIRC Bronya Company Group not only in basic modifications (Bronya Classic, Bronya Facade, Bronya Antirust) but also in modifications which have no equivalents with respect to properties and specifications, such as Bronya Classic NF, Bronya Facade NF, Bronya Winter which has a number of differences from other winter equivalents, thermal insulating paste filler Bronya Light, fire-retardant compound Bronya Fire Protection and Bronya Hydrophobisator.

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